Youth Life Enrichment Program (YLEP)

A. School-based Mental Health Clubs

Recognizing the vital role of the Filipino youth in the promotion of sound mental health, the EARD has organized two (2) school-based mental health clubs in the Philippines:


1. Lusog Isip ng Kabataan (LINK) Club

A school-based mental health clubs organized for public high schools. At present, there are four (4) School Divisions where LINK Club is being implemented (Quezon City, Manila, Marikina, and Caloocan)

2. Psychological Societies Association on Mental Health (PSAMH)

A school-based mental health club composed of different psychological societies of various colleges/universities in the Philippines.


B. Mental Health Lectures

Lectures on mental health are conducted during monthly meetings to LINK Club and PSAMH member schools.


C. Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)

A two-day leadership training-workshop for selected LINK Club and PSAMH student members to enhance their leadership skills.




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