Power of Zero Philippines

Early Years Program

Protecting the well-being of children as they navigate their digital life

Superpowers Program

Superpowers Program

We have created a variety of lessons and designed learning activities for young children to teach them the essential life skills they need for online and offline lives.

Superpowers Program

The Heroes of Zero

We created original series produced by FableVision designed to teach young children aged 5-8 the life skills they need to navigate in an ever-evolving online world. Watch the full episodes for free!

Superpowers Program

Resources and Toolkits for Parents

The first device campaign is providing resources for parents and grandparents to support your child's well-being to begin their online journey.

Download your Parent's Toolkit now

Your child's first device is an important thing in their lives.

Ensuring children's safety and well-being in the digital age

Watch the Heroes of Zero Philippines

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