Education, Advocacy and Research Department

EARD is the primary program of the Association that strives to strengthen its pursuit to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders through increasing public awareness campaigns and activities.

EARD Programs are the following:

I. Information and Education Activities

Information and Education Activities (IEA) is the fundamental and core advocacy arm of the EARD in promoting mental health through orientations, institutional visits, mental health learning sessions, multimedia efforts, collaborations, and partnerships. IEA is dedicated to the promotion of PMHA services as a whole and ensuring the widespread campaign of the Association’s programs through a holistic and comprehensive approach. IEA also spearheads the celebration of National Mental Health Week every second week of October, and World Mental Health Day every October 10.

Mental Health Learning Sessions

Mental Health Learning Sessions

Lectures and/or Workshops on Mental Health Topics for companies, organizations, schools and other institutions

e.g. Caring for Your Mental Health, Applications of the MH Act (RA 11036) in the Workplace, Understanding and Managing Depression and Anxiety, Stress Management, Arts for Wellness, Mindfulness, Enhancing Family Relationships, Psychological First Aid, etc.

Training in the Creation of a Workplace Mental Health Program

Training in the Creation of a Workplace Mental Health Program

Human Resource and Occupational Safety Officers will be provided lectures and workshop that will help them evaluate the needs of their companies and create a Workplace Mental Health Program.

Orientation on PMHA Programs and Services

Orientation on PMHA Programs and Services

PMHA advocates mental health through orientations, institutional visits, and booth set-ups where various individuals and organizations, and those interested to know more about PMHA, upon request, are able to take a glimpse of the Organization’s programs and services.



PMHA recognizes the role that media play in further advancing the campaign and promotion of mental health amongst the general public. The Association believes in the power of media in shaping consciousness and eradicating stigma to a larger group of people and networks about mental health concepts and mental disorders. From radio and TV partners (Broadcast), up to the comprehensive print materials such as mental health brochures and leaflets (Print), the Organization now takes on a higher level of campaigning by incorporating the power of social media in mental health advocacy (Digital).

II. Youth Life Enrichment Program

The Youth Life Enrichment Program (YLEP) is a preventive mental health program for the youth. It aims to enrich their mental health literacy and empower them to become PMHA’s allies. They are trained to become mental health advocates in their families and respective school communities through participation in psycho-education and capacity-building activities. Likewise, the parents and teachers of students were also involved in the program for they are critical partners in enabling and helping the youth develop psychosocial skills to address mental health challenges during this current health crisis.

Lusog Isip ng Kabataan Intermediate Division (LINKid)

School-based mental health club in the Primary / Elementary Division (from Grade 1 – Grade 6)

Lusog Isip ng Kabataan (LINK) Club

School-based mental health club in the Secondary or High School Division (from Grade 7-Grade 10)

Psychological Society Association for Mental Health (PSAMH)

School-based mental health clubs and association of College Psychology Organizations in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces.

III. Community Based Mental Health Program

The Community-Based Mental Health Program (CBMHP) primarily aims to promote and strengthen mental health advocacy at the grassroots level by training health workers and health center physicians, to plan, coordinate and implement mental health programs in the community. It enables the health workers to become equipped with necessary skills and competencies to educate their communities about mental health, provide initial psychosocial support and make referrals of at-risk community members.

IV. Research Program

The Research Program functions to help establish evidence-based and empirically-supported programs and services within the Association, at the same time, contribute in advancing mental-health-centered studies apropos to the Filipino setting. Collectively, EARD’s Research Program aims to make invaluable contributions for both theoretical and pragmatic progress in empirically-supported or research-informed promotion and practice of mental health initiatives within the Filipino context. Essentially, compassionate and responsible mental health efforts through committed scientific rigor are operative in the overall role of EARD’s Research Program.

V. Membership and Volunteer Program

The Membership and Volunteer Program (MVP) aims to keep members engaged in dedicating their time, talent and treasure in different activities, which in return expands their network, gives them an avenue to share their expertise, and strengthens their ties with the community. The PMHA Membership fees help sustain the mental health services for indigent service users and in the implementation of PMHA’s programs and services. On the other hand, the Volunteer Program continues to encourage professionals to take part in the Association’s advocacy. To keep the volunteers engaged and encourage them to enhance their skills, Orientations, Training, Volunteer Onboarding, Monthly Kumustahan Sessions, and Monthly Learning Sessions are consistently conducted.

EARD Special Projects

Power of Zero

The Power of Zero is an initiative that promotes the safety and welfare of children in today's increasingly digital world. Its focus is helping cultivating healthy digital habits among children, while enabling awareness among parents, and equip them with skills and resources to ensure that children are navigating the digital landscape safely.

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